• Professionalism
  • We provide quality service with professional attitude.
  • We keep our promises to our clients.
  • Client-oriented
  • We provide comprehensive service to meet the needs of every individual client.
  • We treasure the relationship built with our clients and listen to their opinions, both positive and negative.
  • Active and Progressive
  • We learn from our experience and keep on improving.
  • We head for the future and value innovation.
Mr. William C. W. Lam
China-Appointed Attesting Officer
Bachelor of Social Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Master of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Laws, University of London, England
Solicitors’ Final Examination, The College of Law, England
Place of Admission
Hong Kong
England & Wales
Other Professional Qualifications
Associate of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong
Certified Tax Adviser of The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong
Arbitrator of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
Practice Areas
Commercial and Corporate Laws